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Let’s Talk about Swimming

Let’s Talk about Swimming

If you’ve been thinking about training for a triathlon or you’re already sucked into this crazy sport, you may have experienced unease with swimming. I’m not talking about dreading the 3x1000 on your workout plan - - I’m thinking of all the unseen inconveniences of...

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Ironman World Championships

Ironman World Championships

This race was my second at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, and I was much more trained and rested than my previous race in 2013. I wanted to avoid a lot of the pre-race craziness that I experienced in 2013, so I arrived late Tuesday. Looking back, I almost...

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70.3 World Championships, Chattanooga, TN

70.3 World Championships, Chattanooga, TN

This was my debut at the half Ironman Worlds, since the previous times I qualified for this event, it conflicted with my schedule and/or work. I was thrilled this event was also brought back to the U.S. after being held in Europe and Australia over the previous years....

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The question shouldn’t be ‘why are you vegan.’ Instead, ask yourself why you aren’t.

REDEMPTION!!!! So happy things finally came somewhat together for my last race of 2018-Ironman Arizona. Finished 12th place Pro with personal best Ironman time. If there’s one thing to…
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