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2018 Season Wrap-Up

2018 Season Wrap-Up

I took a long time to write this wrap-up, mostly because 2018 included an unruly number of disappointments among some very good moments. How do you sum up so many highs and lows? Difficult for sure. I won’t gloss over the low points, but the high points surely...

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Race Report: Ironman Arizona

Race Report: Ironman Arizona

It's been a little while since my last update.  The summer was busy and filled with both good and bad.  I'm planning to write a season summary.  Stay tuned for that.  It will be a mash up of good and bad stories from my '18 season.  For now, here's my race report from...

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My Off-Season

My Off-Season

The time after racing season, a.k.a winter or the off-season, means different things to different types of athletes.  For athletes with a one-race goal (like completing an Ironman or marathon), might have started their off-season the day after their one race.  For...

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People are so concerned about plastic straws HURTING ocean wildlife, but totally unwilling to STOP EATING ocean wildlife? #govegan #disconnectatitsbest #hypocrisy #ignoranceisbliss

Horrific conditions for chickens - GO VEGAN!!!!

McDonald's needs to do a LOT of things but BETTER ANIMAL WELFARE should be first on the agenda...
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